Blueprint for Success in Couples Counseling & Marriage Counseling

Your Blueprint for Success in Couples Counseling


Phase 1: The Consultation Phase

Length: 2 sessions.

Time: 1 - 1 1/2 hour sessions.

This phase is designed to outline what you can expect from your therapist, complete initial paperwork, and get to know your specific areas of concern. We will have one session all together, one session with each of you (separately), and then a third session to apply what we have learned. While we don’t expect to know everything in a couple of sessions, we like to start applying tools as quickly as possible. 

Phase 2: The Design Phase

Length: 1 session.

Time: 1 1/2 hour session.

This phase is intended to apply evidenced-based tools to your specific needs. Before your individual sessions, your therapist will ask you to complete assessments at home and on your own. This assessment information is then combined with the information you have provided in session to create a treatment plan. At The Couples Workshop, this is considered your Blueprint for Success. This is one of the most valuable sessions you will have at the Workshop. By the end of this session, your therapist will touch base with you and ask if this is a journey you want to continue to build. You have the power to adapt the blueprint, or even turn it down. This is a collaborative time: together as a couple and with your therapist.

Phase 3: The Building Phase

Length: Varies.

Time: 50 minute sessions, once a week.

This phase implements your Blueprint into tools. This is typically the phase clients have been waiting for! Finally, tools can be applied to your concerns! Common tools are applied to concerns of communication, trust, friendship, intimacy, commitment, planning for the future, and more. Just like any building project, there are initial plans, and then plans that change as new challenges arise. We will be sticking to the initial plans while adapting as needed in order to be as successful as possible.

Phase 4: The Inspection Phase

Length: after a few weeks, typically 1-2 sessions.

Time: 50 minute sessions, on an as-needed basis.

Your final phase. So you’ve learned your tools for success – now it’s time to apply them even more! Instead of meeting once a week in couples counseling during the building phase, your time in therapy will start to spread out. At first we may go 2 or 3 weeks. This is a trial run to see what life will be like after you leave therapy. The time allows us to fine tune any concerns that arise. If no concerns arise, we may use this session to wrap up our time together. This is the phase that you have earned. You worked hard to get here. You’ll leave with a tool belt that you can continue to use together as a couple. 

Consultation Details

Your initial consultation will be with your Couples Therapist and will last up to 50 minutes. You will continue through the consultation phase if you decide to move forward in therapy. The first part is to answer your concerns about therapy, discuss my theoretical orientation, and give you a brief insight into therapy at the Couples Workshop. Find out more by contacting the shop of scheduling your consultation.