Couples Therapist and her values of couples therapy

As a Couples Therapist I Stand For...

I stand for solutions

At the Couples Workshop, you aren’t going to take some Cosmopolitan intimacy “quiz”. In therapy, I use evidenced-based treatments to assist in achieving your success. These clinical treatments and assessments have been studied for their efficacy and have been shown to be significant. These are real solutions for your real life. In addition to evidenced-based treatments, I believe problems in life or in your relationship will always happen. Instead of focusing on every problem you are experiencing, let’s figure out a way to have better disagreements. Let’s shoot for a goal that works on effective arguing skills, or try to stop fights before they escalate to a boiling point. This is what I consider real solutions for your real life: solutions that help you tackle what stresses will inevitably come; however, just tackle them in a way that works for your relationship.

I stand for hard work

You can build the life you want to live if you work hard to achieve it. I believe you have the power to create your best life. Change is hard, and it is inevitable for growth. Discomfort in life brings us knowledge. Challenges make us stronger. Our past will always be a part of our past; however, we can redefine our history to make it our drive. Make your past your strength. Use this strength to make your goals come true.

I stand for having a level playing ground

Equality at the Couples Workshop. Period. We are all different and unique. Your race, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion/spiritual beliefs, family structure, socioeconomic status, education level, marital status, etc. help define you. These qualities have helped to build who you have become. These qualities are accepted and honored here. I stand with you and who you want to be. Between you and your partner, you may have some similar qualities or maybe very different. I look forward to hearing your story.

I stand for happiness.

Fuck being unhappy. You were born to live a life you love. I will not be the therapist to work with a client that desires to focus on dread, week after week. Yes, I completely understand life can be sad and challenging. Of course these feelings will come up and will be addressed – after all, these feelings are normal and a part of life. At the same time, let’s not focus every day on the dark. I want to push your relationship into the light and into happiness. I have a past struggling with depression. I beat depression because I stand for happiness. I chose couples therapy because life can be hard and having the support of a partner can help us face both the joys and the struggles of life. When people are truly happy, life is awesome! Even more so when you can experience that happiness with someone you love. I stand with love and with happiness – so being a Couples Therapist was a natural fit.

I stand for kicking ass

What goals do you hope to accomplish in life? Let’s reach it and make a new one. I stand for ambition and drive for what you want out of life. Striving towards success takes hard work and determination. You can expect this from me. I am dedicated to providing effective therapy, and if it isn’t as effective as we would like, I will work to find a better fit. Let’s achieve what we want to achieve. Let’s then set new goals to see what new accomplishments we can meet! Let’s kick some ass.

I stand for bobbing and weaving.

How do you take a punch? Or avoid them? Life will always throw punches at you. Life will always throw punches at your relationship. Sometimes they are small, sometimes they make us want to break. You need to be flexible, without breaking. In order to adapt to life’s punches we need to learn new tools. This takes a willingness to change. A willingness to do whatever needs to happen in order to live a life we want to live. In therapy, there will be times when we have a therapeutic intervention that needs to be adjusted in order to work. You can expect me to make adjustments as needed in order to fit your needs.

I stand for keeping it real.

I’m going to tell it to you straight up, and I hope for the same. If I’m honest with you, it’s because I respect you enough to be honest. I’m not going to string you along when an honest comment can help shape a situation. Do I want to be brutally honest? No, of course not. But this also doesn’t mean some conversations may not throw you a curve ball. That’s the point though, isn’t it? To learn something new by being honest with yourself and with each other. You can always be honest with me, too. If I say something that doesn’t fit, then let me know. If I discuss a therapeutic intervention that sounds lame, then let me know. If I have spinach in my teeth, then please let me know. And you can expect the same from me.

I stand for community.

I love living in Fort Collins. The people in our town are a blend of different backgrounds. We have an agricultural background that Fort Collins was built on. This foundation and our foothills gave us an appreciation for our state. We support learning at Colorado State University. We support the many small businesses throughout old town. We are one of the most bike-friendly communities of our country. We enjoy canyon drives and parks. And I do, too. I strive to give back to our community. You will see me enjoying walks on our paths, driving up Poudre Canyon, having coffee at a coffee shop, going to community events, networking with other small business owners, and enjoying other cliché Colorado activities. If you know of any community events or programs that the Couples Workshop could help make a positive impact, please let me know.

I stand for good food

…and good humor. 

This is the shortest paragraph, but far from being any less important. Studies have shown children laugh 3x more than adults on average – what makes us lose our sense of humor? Let’s bring laughter into life a bit more. Let’s use laughter to cope with stress of life. Let’s use laughter to connect with loved ones and new acquaintances. Let’s use laughter to our advantage!

And yes, I like good food. I was born in Kansas City, so nothing beats good ol’ KC BBQ!

And ice cream.


Marriage and Family Therapist Candidate

Permit #: MFTC.0013979

University of Northern Colorado: Greeley, Colorado. Graduated 2016

-Master of Arts: Clinical Mental Health Counseling, specializing in Marriage/Couples/Family Counseling

Baker University: Baldwin City, Kansas. Graduated 2011

-Bachelor of Science: Psychology

-Minor: Sociology

Gottman Certification:

-Level 2: 2019

-Level 1: 2016

My Why

Why did I open The Couples Workshop

My reason for opening The Workshop is two-fold: for myself and for my community. In order to best understand this reason, it is important to know some of my story.

My past.

I grew up in a family where one side was misogynistic, and the other side had strong traditional gender norms. Men would sit in one room discussing business, politics, and finances, while the women would sit in another room discussing recipes, their children’s activities, and gossiping. And then there was me. I wanted to learn about my grandfather’s business, but when I asked questions they were often ignored. 

I had depression that looked like anger to my family. I went to a counselor to work on my anger, and I knew what to say to her for her to leave me alone. I lied often. I kept secrets. I did everything to not get the benefits of her work, but it worked to get people off my back. I preferred to keep my darkness a secret. I dreamt of finding an escape.

One day I told myself I had to pretend to be happy in order to fit in but also be left alone in my secret. I would keep my darkness safe by pretending to be okay. Now that I know therapy, I know I was utilizing tools from cognitive-behavioral therapy and solutions-focused therapy – at 14. My desire to keep my darkness actually turned into my light. I found happiness. I found self-love. I found my true self. 

My reason.

First, my reason is partially to prove some people wrong. I worked hard for my education, because at the time I thought I needed it for my voice to matter. And this is it. This is my voice. Even as this business grows and I have a team, I won’t give up all of this. I'll always be a part of creating content for you. My voice is mine and I’m proud of what my words and heart have created. This is my way of making a difference for real people.

Second, this is for my clients and my community. Life is beautiful and it is also challenging. When you have the support of a loved one you can better tackle life’s stresses that come your way. I don’t want you to dream about finding an escape. I don’t want you to keep your darkness inside of you. I don’t want you to be alone. I want your relationship to be successful so you have that person to give you that connection. Connection through conversation, intimacy, love, so you know you are not alone. Together, you guys can tackle anything – sometimes you just need a few more tools to get you there. Sometimes you don’t need to be in therapy for a year to be successful. Our community needed a solutions-focused couples counselor, so I opened The Couples Workshop.

With all of my hope and love: this is my business. My calling. My fulfillment. This is my why. This is The Couples Workshop.

Change from being depressed to being happy

"I want your relationship to be successful so you have that person to give you that connection."