No BS Couples Counseling

No BS Couples Counseling

No BS Couples CounselingNo BS Couples CounselingNo BS Couples Counseling

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Welcome to the Couples Workshop

Sometimes people need to focus on past trauma, and sometimes they don't. This is the place for looking forward, and not primarily focusing on your past. This form of couples counseling acknowledges that problems will obviously keep happening in your life together, but you don't need to talk about them forever in therapy.

Your Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for success in marriage counseling and couples counseling

What is it?

In marriage counseling, we will work together to custom-make your Blueprint for Success. In order to create and utilize your Blueprint, you will go through phases of therapy. These phases include: (1) the consultation phase, (2) the design phase, (3) the building phase, and (4) the inspection phase.

A Blueprint for Success is also utilized for premarital counseling. This format is customized for each of you seeking couples counseling

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